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Call us at 949-521-8414

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This place is great. I came here to get my family and myself treated, and it was so easy!  I tried several over the counter solutions, and the lice kept coming back. Finally, I found this place by searching online. The staff here are very knowledgeable about lice and the effects it has on people. They explained to me that over the counter does not work as effectively anymore because the lice have evolved into super-lice, which don’t die immediately from over the counter products. Lice Clinics of America offers an FDA approved, one time only, two-step treatment which causes no pain! If you or anyone in your family has lice, I highly recommend getting treated by Lice Clinics of America. You’ll be stress free, and won’t have to get treated again! Check them out!

Keya GIrvine, CA

My daughter has been struggling with lice on and off for months. Between she and a couple of her friends, they kept giving lice to each other. My daughter googled and found Lice Clinics of America.  Corrine was able to remove all of the lice in one visit.  Corrine is very educated in treating lice. She works well with children, ensuring they are comfortable during the treatment. She even played music on her phone that my daughter was familiar with.  Corrine was kind enough to call us back a couple of weeks later to see how my daughter was doing.  I highly recommend this facility. Corrine is the best!!

Dorie P.Fullerton, CA

I highly recommend this place.  We originally went to Blow Out Lice in Lake Forest, CA and Corrine was awesome!!  They relocated and are now known as Lice Clinics of America.  We had to return because my daughter and a repeat event.  Well, Patricia treated my daugther and Corrine again treated me and we couldn’t be more happy.  We both had the lice completely removed and even bought the Preventive Shampoo and Spray.  Both are gently to the scalp and are working.  We don’t use a lot of either but what we have has really helped.  I particularly like the nice scent of mint and eucalyptus.  Have a lice problem, you MUST call them.  The location is very clean and private.  Corrine is thorough to say the least, fun and makes the entire process go by relatively fast.

Gina P. Mission Viejo, CA

Lice Clinics of America Orange County

OC’s Trusted Lice Clinic for Safe Head Lice Removal

Whether you live in Garden Grove, Anaheim, Mission Viejo, Corona del Mar or other cities in Orange County it can be very stressful to learn your child has head lice.  At Lice Clinics of America, we provide safe head lice removal options so you can rest assured those pesky critters and their nits are gone and you can get back to your normal OC routine.  From head screenings to manual comb-out treatment provided by our trained technicians and the AirAllé heated air technology, our goal is to safely and quickly get rid of what bugs you!

Children and teens don’t think about the possible repercussions of sharing a brush or comb, or even touching heads in a selfie.  Once Orange County parents discover their child has become infected, your first instinct is to research: what are nits, or how to check for lice.  Over-the-counter and prescription products have been used for decades, but in addition to being messy and requiring repeat applications are not as effective as they once were.  Most also contain pesticides and can be harsh to the scalp and hair.  Our natural lice treatment clinic involves no harsh chemicals and is safe and non-toxic, giving you peace of mind.

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From our AirAllé treatment that involves the use of heated air to dry out lice and their nits (essentially dehydrating or drying them out to kill them) to our do-it-yourself treatment, we provide non-chemical lice solutions for every need and budget.  Our AirAllé option is a one treatment lice solution that has worked for thousands of families across the country.  We guarantee our full treatment for 30 days as long as we screen everyone in the family.  Regardless of which service you decide on, our highly trained and skilled operators are happy to explain and educate you regarding all services.  Be bug-free and on your way by choosing LCA in Orange County!  Schedule your appointment today at our lice treatment clinic or learn more about our services by calling 949-521-8414.

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