Lice Clinics of America Orange County kills Super Lice

Super Lice have become a trendy topic in the past weeks. A recent paper presented at the American Chemical’s Society in Boston noted that lice have become resilient to most over the counter agents and thus becoming harder to kill and, most times,  a nightmare for moms. Many media around San Diego and Orange County have been talking about Super Lice and how to treat them. The Union Tribune San Diego highlights Lice Clinics of America San Diego as the solution for Super Lice.

At Lice Clinics of America San Diego & Orange County we can handle Super Lice. We use our FDA cleared medical Device, Air Alle,that dehydrates lice & nits (eggs) in just one treatment. Our best seller treatment, uses the AirAlle device to dehydrate all the lice and eggs. then our professionally trained technicians will comb-out any dead debris and finally apply a rinse. Our full treatment comes with a 30-day re-treatment policy* and takes just about an hour!


Lice Clinics of America mata a los SuperPiojos

En un estudio reciente se descubrió que los piojos han mutado y se han convertido en lo que llamamos SuperPiojos, siendo resistentes a la mayoría de los pesticidas que se encuentran en los productos que podemos comprar en la farmacia.

Univision nos entrevistó para saber que se puede hacer con los SuperPiojos y les explicamos que solo el aire caliente consigue matarlos y que en Lice Clinics of America ofrecemos la solución.

Lice Clinics of America mata a los SuperPiojos