How do I prevent Head Lice?

Treating lice infestations is an accomplishment but staying away from it is definitely another one! There are many remedies online that would promise to be the best at repelling lice, but what’s the real deal? Only peppermint has been scientifically proven to repel head lice. However, not even peppermint is totally effective. In conjunction with other simple tips, peppermint would be your best ally to stay away from lice:

* Wear your hair up- braid it hair or put it up in a pony tale.

* At school, keep their jackets and other clothing in a bag .

* Educate your children not to share hats, combs or brushes, helmets or hair accessories.

* Avoid head to head contact, especially when taking pictures or selfies or when studying

* Screen them often so that you find new infestations right at the beginning.

* when traveling,  protect your head.

At Lice Clinics of America we recommend to screen your children often, even having a lice comb at the shower to comb their hair after every shower. Using our preventative spray in addition to following this tips will keep those bugs away!

FREE Head Screenings for Schools

At Lice Clinics of America we volunteer our time to help schools determine whether their students have lice or not.

Teachers, we know how overwhelming it may be when we find out the some of our children at the classroom have lice. We want to make sure they don’t infest other children but at the same time no time should be spared from their education… the school nurse is often already busy and it’s hard to manage screening everyone at once. We understand the frustration and want to help out! We will come to the school and perform head screenings for a classroom, grade or even the whole school!

We specialize in Head Screening so we only take 3-5 minutes per child so teacher can continue teaching and nurses can continue to attend daily emergencies and care for the children. At the end of our screenings, every child will know whether they have lice and depending on each school policy, different measures will be taken.

Give us a call and let us contribute to the community so we can have a lice free environment in Orange County!

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We will kill Super Lice

Many schools around The U.S are now seeing an outbreak of “Super Lice”, especially in Orange County. 

What are SuperLice?

Super Lice are not bigger in shape, they are a mutation of head lice that have become stronger and resilient to most pesticides used in OTC (over the counter) treatments. A recent study has revealed that in many states – including California – Super Lice is now affecting us all.

How to kill SuperLice? 

The AirAlle device kills Super Lice in just one hour treatment. This medical device, dehydrates head lice & nits (eggs) through heated air. This head lice removal treatment  is completely safe and free of pesticides or harsh chemicals- and offers a re-treatment policy* for 30-day . Lice Clinics of America helps you kill lice and SuperLice!