Parents: Don’t Feel Bullied Because of Head Lice!

Parents, Don’t feel bullied because of head lice when your child encounters a head lice infestation.

Recent survey shows that parents can feel bullied, too, especially when it comes to having head lice in the family.

LCA OC OC wants to help take the pressure off parents struggling with the stress and embarrassment of head lice.

Parents are nervous about head lice because they think they will be shamed. A OnePoll survey of 2,000 U.S. parents—conducted in conjunction with LCA OC—found that 52 percent of parents feel judged by other moms and dads when their child comes home with head lice.

There is a long-held and long-debunked idea that head lice are associated with poor hygiene. The medical world has busted this myth, but the perception persists. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, Personal hygiene or cleanliness in the home or school has nothing to do with getting head lice.

Children get head lice from other children, plain and simple, The primary way lice spread is through head-to-head contact. Head-to-head contact with an already infested person is the most common way to get head lice.

There’s also some evidence to suggest that head lice are actually a sign of cleanliness. Lisa Lewis, a pediatrician in Fort Worth, Texas, told Readers Digest, lice don’t adhere easily to oily, greasy, or dirty hair. They love to infest nice, clean, dark, light, thick or thin hair.

One reason that parents dread head lice when lice enter their lives is that the bugs have become very difficult to treat. Traditional lice treatment products, when they work, require weeks of application and hours of tedious nitpicking.

Unfortunately, those traditional products rarely work. Many parents try and fail to treat head lice with those products because head lice have become immune to the chemical pesticides in them. The most recent study in the Journal of Medical Entomology found that so-called ‘super lice’ comprise 98 percent of head lice in most U.S. states. Also, the pesticides used in lice products have been linked to developmental and behavioral problems in children.

The good news is that LCA OC – Orange County can help. The clinic is part of a network of more than 350 lice treatment centers in over 36 countries offering head lice treatment using the FDA-cleared ® medical device. The has been clinically shown to kill live lice and more than 99 percent of eggs (nits) using heated air to dehydrate the lice and eggs.

Our treatments take about an hour and are guaranteed to be effective, this means you will leave our clinic lice-free.

Lice don’t cause or carry diseases, so they are not a health concern—more of a medical nuisance, You can now be done with head lice in about an hour. A simple problem has finally met a simple solution—no more blaming or feeling shame about a mere inconvenience.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit , or call 949-547-5423.

Learning How To Cook On A Budget

Learning how to cook on a budget can be made simple and easy with these five essential habits that can keep you cooking within your budget. For most people, the budget is definitely the tough part. What can make budgeting much easier is developing small habits that are sustainable and easy to stick with in your everyday life.

1. Learn to make a meal plan.

Planning meals and snacks ahead is essential. Having a mindful plan for your meals and your groceries is simple with a huge payoff. Once you have a plan, you will find yourself cooking smarter, and creating a more focused shopping list. Practice this method until you find it becoming a second nature for you, and virtually effortless.

2. Cook with what’s in season.

If you want to cook with certain fresh produce when it is not in season, it’s going to be pricier than when it’s in season, and it may not taste as good than if you stick with using in-season produce. It’s readily available and usually less expensive. (And “in season” does not just apply to produce, it could be other items as well.

3. Embrace chicken thighs (and other inexpensive meat).

Cooking on a budget does not mean that you need to cut meat out of your diet altogether; it just means you need to be smart about the cuts of meat that you buy. Even if you were not cooking on a budget, chicken thighs would still be at the very top of many peoples list. Whether you buy them skin-on or skinless, bone-in or boneless, chicken thighs are inexpensive, meaty, full of flavor, and really versatile. Other smart buys include meats for braising, like pork butt, where the investment of time makes inexpensive meat delicious. Please Keep in mind that a balance of different types of meats such as fish is advisable , along with a great balance of fresh fruit and vegetables daily.

4. Use the slow cooker.

When you try more inexpensive cuts of meat, the slow cooker is one of the greatest assets. Slow cookers have been one of the best kitchen tools to help many people embrace cooking on a budget. It’s ideal for cooking inexpensive, tougher cuts of meat, like bottom rounds and roasts. Cooking these cuts over low heat for a longer period of time transforms them from tough and chewy to tender and delicious.

5. Regularly cook down the pantry and freezer.

Right now, sitting in your pantry and freezer, you probably have the makings of more meals than you may realize. If you see utilize what you have in your freezer, you could probably go one week without grocery shopping. Cooking meals based on what we have handy will be a financial savior.

Challenge yourself by “eating down” your pantry and freezer regularly. If you can avoid spending as much money on groceries a week out of the month, that adds up to major savings. This strategy makes you appreciate what you have and rethink your shopping habits. When you’re faced with eating a bad purchase, there’s a good chance you’ll be more thoughtful the next time you go grocery shopping.

Save Money On Lice Removal With The Treatment

We offer the most effective, simple one and done treatment in as little as one hour. Our Medical heated air device dehydrates and kills even the most stubborn of lice infestations. We have affordable treatments and incredible prevention products that work amazingly.

Call us at 858-249-8337 to book your next head check or lice removal treatment now! Keeping your family healthy and safe is our top priority. We’ve always adhered to rigorous cleaning and disinfecting standards to prevent the spread of lice. With recent Coronavirus ( COVID-19 news we’ve implemented enhanced cleaning, disinfecting and client safety protocols.