Head Lice and Stress – Orange County

Head Lice and stress – Orange County is a blog intended to give parents a little breather when it comes to head lice and head lice removal.

Head Lice and Stress – Orange County

We know that head lice can cause anxiety, worriness and preoccupation. The fact is that head lice will often times through you out of control in your life. Why is that?

Fear of the unknown

We tend to fear what is not known by us. What is Lice? How can I kill them? How do I know this is lice for sure? Should I run to the pharmacy? All these questions come up in less than a minute when we first find out about head lice. Head Lice are small parasites that live in our heads and feed from our blood. Contrary to popular belief they don’t jump or fly, they crawl from head to head. Head Lice are a nuisance but safe for your health as they don’t transmit any diseases. You can find more information about head lice and its myths in the following link.

Lack of Resources

When we don’t know who to call for help our lives always become a little more challenging. We want to give you all the option you have as far as head lice removal treatments:

  1. Products. You can use products and kill lice yourself at home. It is more time consuming. You will apply the products, comb-out every other day for 10 days then re-apply the products. Continue to screen the hair regularly to make sure it’s all gone. As far as products we recommend only products without pesticides or toxins.
  2. Professional Head Lice Removal Treatments. Your lice problem will most likely be solved the same day when you visit a Head Lice Removal Professional Clinic. After any professional treatment you will clean the house and follow preventative tips. At LCA Orange County we offer a one time safe and fast treatment. The medical device we use is FDA-cleared and kills nits (lice eggs) and lice in less than one hour!

Take a breath and remember what you know to face the problem. Sometimes by just taking a step back, we are already moving forward.

Treating lice infestation after Thanksgiving

After enjoying ourselves with our family and friends for Thanksgiving we may find out our children have lice. Treating lice infestation after Thanksgiving  is easy by following a few simple tips.

How to treat lice infestation after Thanksgiving?

Every year after the holidays we see an increment on treatments and screenings in Orange County. Lice is a community problem that involves a lot of discomfort and social stigma. The key is to try to treat lice infestation before it becomes a bigger issue.

First of all, talking openly about head lice can help spot infestations right away and be more aware of our surroundings. Telling our family members and friends may be embarrassing at first but in reality we are helping them to solve the problem early. We got a client that send out a text message to all the Thanksgiving invitees: “We brought an uninvited guest to our dinner party yesterday, I am sorry to inform our daughter has lice”.

Secondly, knowing what lice looks like and how to perform a screening helps keeping things under control. Part your children’s hair with a wood pick or a fine comb so you’re able to see the scalp. Lice eggs (nits), are usually closer to the scalp and will be more visible when we have a clean partition of the hair. If you have a lice comb at home, use it to comb out the dry hair.  Inspection the comb for head lice and nits. You can also comb the dry hair with a fine tooth comb on top of a white surface to see if any debris falls from the hair.

get rid of lice Orange County

Finally, knowing your options as far as treatment will make you react quickly to the situation. Over the counter products will mostly kill the adult lice but not the eggs. Remember you have to comb the hair out regularly with a lice comb and remove all eggs and repeat the process numerous times. Find a good professional lice removal clinic around you to help you solve the problem quickly.

Remember that lice are mostly spread by head to head contact.



#GRATEFUL for no lice

This November, the month of gratefulness, we want to take a look at the things we are grateful for. Most of our customers are #GRATEFUL for no lice. Not having lice is one of the checked boxes that we are most happy with. But there are other things we should be grateful for.



#GRATEFUL for all the school nurses that work tirelessly to care for our children. They spend time making sure we are aware of lice outbreaks and checking our children.

#GRATEFUL for being able to spend time together with our friends and family.

#GRATEFUL for having professionals that dedicate their time in finding the cure for our diseases and even for head lice!

#GRATEFUL for all our mothers that continuously care for us and their grand-kids.

#GRATEFUL to be working at a company that helps people daily.

#GRATEFUL for having a unique and safe solution to the head lice problem.


LCA OC is #GRATEFUL for the opportunity of helping others. Our team loves treating your children in a fast and easy way. We want to be part of the solution for head lice. We want to help you understand head lice so you can, in turn, help others. Our team of professionally trained technicians perform our treatments in one hour. They use our medical device, the , that kills lice and nits in just one sitting. We have a policy* for 30-days if we screen all the family members. We are #GRATEFUL to provide a unique service for such a common problem. Head Lice is part of our daily lives but gratefully we can help. LCA OC is committed to provide the best service so you can be Grateful to bring your child to a professional.

Share what you are grateful for during this Thanksgiving month. Spread the word!

How do we educate communities in head lice matters?

How do we educate communities in head lice information and lice removal services’?

At LCA Orange County we are committed to help our community understand head lice. We want to show you the works of it and how to treat lice infestations once and for all. The lice technicians at our offices in Laguna Hills and Tustin are trained to educate communities in head lice information and lice removal services. We want to help you know more about it. Let’s debunk some of the myths and misconceptions.

What do we think is important to provide to educate communities in head lice?
– When we perform our services we show you our results. On head screening we show you how nits look like. On our treatment we show you nymphs (baby lice) and adults so that you are able to spot future infestations right away.

– We give you the tools to prevent head lice through: recommendations, follow up instructions to take home, blogs on our website with preventative tips and even workshops at schools.

– All our operators are certified on the use of the and they also receive training on lice cycle, information and facts and to be able to answer all your questions about lice.

– We belong to the LCA OC network. We continuously find and contribute with different head lice research studies and we share that information with you

– LCA OC is the world’s leader in Lice clinics. We always have an expert to ask any questions we may have about lice.

All our technicians in Laguna Hills and Tustin want you to know you can count on us in any lice related matter. We know lice happens to all of us and how we deal with it makes a difference in our lives. We don’t want to be the problem, we want to be part of the solution. Our job is to give you peace of mind. You deserve and help you make this process fast, painless and safe for your children.

What to do after we visit a lice treatment facility? Cleaning & Prevention

After trying several over the counter treatment and finally deciding it was time for a professional to take care of it I found myself at home feeling I already won the battle. But, what’s next?


Ideally we want to clean and take care of everything that same day but in reality, we work, have social commitments and sometimes it’s hard to juggle everything. Knowledge is power. Lice can only survive of a human host for 48hrs, which means that we can leave pillows, rugs, clothing and even linens in a bag, air tight,  for 2 days and clean them whenever we have time. What’s important in stripping the beds and making sure all the clothing worn for the past 48hrs is taken out of reach, vacuuming the floors and couches and boiling our brushes, hair clips and hair accessories.


The lice treatment facility usually has products that you can use that will help prevent lice by repelling them. LCA OC has a shampoo and a preventative spray that definitely help you boost your chances of not getting lice again!. In addition, putting your hair or your children’s hair up to avoid cross-infestations is always a great idea. I know that children are not always too keen on having their hair up. As parents we have to make it fun: learn how to braid hair in different styles, make two buns or two braids, pony tale with fishtail braid, etc. Giving information to your kids about how to prevent lice is key. I always tell my kids to avoid sharing hats and helmets, jackets, etc. Also, have them be mindful of head to head contact when someone has lice.

This triggers the tooltip

And if it happens again….

If our fears come true and it happens again, it’s important to know where to go to take care of it. The reality is that once we know how to do things it becomes much easier and less scary. LCA OC is a lice treatment facility that will take care of you right away! We provide a non toxic and safe treatment. We use the device that is FDA-cleared and kills lice and nits (lice eggs) through dehydration. Just one hour treatment and with a policy* for 30-days.

What is really on the traditional head lice products?

Whether you are at the drugstore or you receive a prescription from your doctor, we are lately seeing a lot of moms that are asking about the ingredients of those formulated solutions for head lice and how effective and safe are they. Although we don’t have all the answers we want to offer a non toxic solution after reviewing a little bit of information that may help shed some light as to what are we putting into our children’s heads.

Information about traditional Head Lice Products:

#Most Over the counter and prescription products contain pyrethrum (like RID). Permethrin (like Nix) or a compound that is called Ovide.
#Those pyrethroids and synthetic compounds that are used in insecticides are effective in low doses. They are cheap but not too safe for humans and the environment.
#In addition, studies show that head lice have evolved in time and mutated to be resilient to those compounds.
#A paper published studying the mutation and efficacy of traditional head lice methods states:

over the counter not effective lice removal(read the full article)
#California is one of the states that has a mutant strand of head lice (popularly called Super Lice), that is resistant to some over the counter products.

What can we do as moms to protect our children and get effective treatments for head lice?

We believe that educating yourself in the subject and knowing what we are buying is the first step to success.  Resorting to natural products to shift from chemicals and toxins that may harm your children is the second step. Finally beware that professional services at are your hand to help you with the lice struggle!
LCA OC offers Lice Removal Services through a heated air process using a medical device that is FDA cleared and will kill lice and 99%+ of the nits. All our products are non-toxic and free of pesticides! One treatment and your child will be lice free! No follow ups, safe and effective.

Debunking some myths about Lice

Debunking some of the myths about head lice is something our operators do on a daily basis. We have compiled some of the most common myths to help you understand better head lice and how they really work.

Myth 1. “Lice jump from head to head” – contrary to common belief lice crawl really fast but they don’t jump or fly. If you avoid head to head contact you have less chances to get lice.

Myth 2. “If a kid has lice it’s because she/he is dirty” – actually lice prefer clean heads and healthy blood, it’s a social misconception that dirty attracts lice.

Myth 3. “Over the Counter products kill lice and nits” – although some over the counter products will kill louse they will be ineffective with nits. The only remedy is combing them out or killing them with heat.

Myth 4. “Because I’m caucasian I won’t get lice” – lice don’t discriminate by race, sex or economical status.

Myth 5. “Vinegar will kill nits” – vinegar may help remove the nits easier (scientifically this has not been studied) but it will not kill the nits.

If you have any questions about lice, we are here to help. At LCA OC, our trained professionals will offer you education on myths and facts about lice.

We can treat lice infestations effectively with our heated air treatment with our device, FDA-cleared or you can do it yourself with the help of our non toxic products, a lice comb and a lot of patience. After the application of the products, you need to comb the hair through in order to take not only the lice but also all the eggs (nits) and repeat the combing again for ten days until your child is lice and nits free. In case you miss one egg, the infestation can restart again.

Or you can call our trained professionals to help you out. At LCA OC, we are here to help.


Head Lice or Body Lice?

Often times we get phone calls and customers worried about head lice spreading to the body or vice versa. The fact is that there is different types of lice and head lice will most likely stay in the head.
watch this detailed video for more information on head lice:

At LCA OC we provide professional lice removal treatments with the care that you need for your family. Serving all areas of Orange county our conveniently located clinics will make for an easy, fast and effective visit to deal with your head lice infestation.

OC Register – New Tustin Clinic smothers lice with heat and oil

LCA OC appears in today’s issue (August 4th, 2016) of The Orange County Register due to the new clinic that recently open its doors in Tustin, California. The clinic was offering free head screenings on July 21st for its Open House and attracted several families around the area that wanted to check out their services. Find the complete article here. 

Lice Life Cycle – How long have I had head lice?

Our customers always wonder when their infestation started or want to know whether they caught in on time or not. It’s very hard to be totally precise with the answers, the lice’s life cycle can get us close to that answer.

Life Cycle of Lice:

1. First, a female louse crawls to the hair and lays an nit (egg).
2.  8-10 days later, the egg will hatch and a new louse – nymph – will emerge. it is important to know that nymphs cannot reproduce and take three molts to reach the adult stage.
3. Once a nymph has reached the third molt 9-10 days) it becomes an adult and can reproduce.

From here, lice cycle circles back up and starts over although other factors may affect this cycle:

#1: Female lice can lay up to 10 eggs per day! A female louse only needs to mate once and can continue to lay viable nits for the duration of her life.

#2: the total life of a louse in a head is 30-days.

Do you suspect you have lice? Take care of it professionally. Over the counter products won’t kill the nits and possibly not all the alive bugs. Removing nits manually is a time-consuming and high risk way of getting rid of lice.

At LCA OC we offer highly professional head lice removal treatments. We use the medical device that dehydrates nits and lice in just one hour. Treat the lice infestation quickly and safely.