Myths & Facts about lice

Throughout our experience helping kids and adults treating head lice infestation, we have encountered many myths and misconceptions that have led to misunderstanding and confusion about lice:
Myth #1 –  “I may get a disease with head lice” Even though Head Lice are a nuisance they are safe in the sense that they do not transmit diseases.
Myth #2. Over the counter treatments will kill lice & nits. Most OTC products
 will not kill the nits; the best way to kill nits is by dehydration. In fact, recent studies have proven that they can also not be effective in killing all lice!
Myth #3 –  ” I can get infested by lice jumping from another head to mine”  Head Lice don’t jump or fly. Instead, they crawl
Myth #4 – everything needs to be bagged for two weeks after a lice infestations. Head lice can only survive off a human body for 48h after that they die.
Myth #5 – Lice like dirty hair. In fact, lice don’t discriminate by cleanliness of hair,  socio-economic status or race, we all can get it!
If you want to find out more about lice, visit our Questions & Answers page or check out this site:
At LCA OC we can offer you the answers you need and we can propose you different ways to treat the head lice infestation, either our signature treatment with the FDA-cleared device, or selling you the right product for DIY at home. In the latter, you should comb out through the hair several times until no more nits (lice eggs) remain in the hair.

How do I prevent Head Lice?

Treating lice infestations is an accomplishment but staying away from it is definitely another one! There are many remedies online that would promise to be the best at repelling lice, but what’s the real deal? Only peppermint has been scientifically proven to repel head lice. However, not even peppermint is totally effective. In conjunction with other simple tips, peppermint would be your best ally to stay away from lice:

* Wear your hair up- braid it hair or put it up in a pony tale.

* At school, keep their jackets and other clothing in a bag .

* Educate your children not to share hats, combs or brushes, helmets or hair accessories.

* Avoid head to head contact, especially when taking pictures or selfies or when studying

* Screen them often so that you find new infestations right at the beginning.

* when traveling,  protect your head.

At LCA OC we recommend to screen your children often, even having a lice comb at the shower to comb their hair after every shower. Using our preventative spray in addition to following this tips will keep those bugs away!

FREE Head Screenings for Schools

At LCA OC we volunteer our time to help schools determine whether their students have lice or not.

Teachers, we know how overwhelming it may be when we find out the some of our children at the classroom have lice. We want to make sure they don’t infest other children but at the same time no time should be spared from their education… the school nurse is often already busy and it’s hard to manage screening everyone at once. We understand the frustration and want to help out! We will come to the school and perform head screenings for a classroom, grade or even the whole school!

We specialize in Head Screening so we only take 3-5 minutes per child so teacher can continue teaching and nurses can continue to attend daily emergencies and care for the children. At the end of our screenings, every child will know whether they have lice and depending on each school policy, different measures will be taken.

Give us a call and let us contribute to the community so we can have a lice free environment in Orange County!

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We will kill Super Lice

Many schools around The U.S are now seeing an outbreak of “Super Lice”, especially in Orange County. 

What are SuperLice?

Super Lice are not bigger in shape, they are a mutation of head lice that have become stronger and resilient to most pesticides used in OTC (over the counter) treatments. A recent study has revealed that in many states – including California – Super Lice is now affecting us all.

How to kill SuperLice? 

The device kills Super Lice in just one hour treatment. This medical device, dehydrates head lice & nits (eggs) through heated air. This head lice removal treatment  is completely safe and free of pesticides or harsh chemicals- and offers a policy* for 30-day . LCA OC helps you kill lice and SuperLice!

What to do at home after Lice Removal?

Taking care of the head is only the first step of treating head lice infestation. Cleaning your house, car and other belongings that possibly have lice is equally important to avoid future infestations. what to do at home after your head lice removal treatment?

Heat is the most effective ways to treat lice infestations, find a few tips on how to delouse your home:

1. Wash all the clothes, hats, jackets and linens and place them in the dryer in high heat for 30minutes. Stuffed animals and pillows can also be placed in the dryer to kill all lice.

2. Boil all the combs, brushes, head bands, clips and hair accessories.

3. For items that you can’t boil or dry out, place them in a plastic bag and leave air tight for over 48h. Lice cannot survive for more than 48h off a human head.

4. Vacuum all carpets and couches and clean your house to remove any louse that may have been left behind.

5. Vacuum your car seats and use a sticky roller to take care of fabric car seats, and a wipe to clean any plastic on your child´s car seat or car raiser.

Make sure you take all this precautions after you have been treated so that no re-infestation is possible! We are here to help so if you have any questions on delousing your house, call us and we’ll walk you through it.

Talking to your children about Lice

Your first reaction as a parent when you discover head lice on your child’s head is not always the desired one. Lice can be disgusting and sometimes difficult to deal with. The way you talk to your children about head lice will make a difference on how they personally deal with it and how well they take the treatments.

Below you will find some tips on best practice when talking to your kid about head lice:

* Normalizing – having lice is common and is not related to race, sex or social and economic background. Society has stigmatized children with head lice long enough, it’s time to assume that lice exists and they can be treated easily.

* Education – explaining head lice symptoms to your kid will help the communicate it to you in a quick manner so you don’t have to wait weeks to realize your child has been scratching his/her head more often than usually.

* Prevention – help them prevent lice by giving them tips on cross infestation prevention: braiding the hair, not sharing hats and jackets, etc will be key to help them prevent lice.

At LCA OC San Diego, we help you to treat lice infestations quickly! So you can relax and go back to spending time with your kids without worrying about little creatures. We treat head lice professionally with our FDA cleared medical device that dehydrates lice & nits through heated air.

Get the Facts, Share the truth about Head Lice.

When talking about lice there’s a lot of misconceptions, myths and stigma. In an attempt to help parents, teachers and families understand better how head lice works, LCA OC has launched a viral video that enlightens and educates on head lice:


LCA Orange County kills Super Lice

Super Lice have become a trendy topic in the past weeks. A recent paper presented at the American Chemical’s Society in Boston noted that lice have become resilient to most over the counter agents and thus becoming harder to kill and, most times,  a nightmare for moms. Many media around San Diego and Orange County have been talking about Super Lice and how to treat them. The Union Tribune San Diego highlights LCA OC San Diego as the solution for Super Lice.

At LCA OC San Diego & Orange County we can handle Super Lice. We use our FDA cleared medical Device, Air Alle,that dehydrates lice & nits (eggs) in just one treatment. Our best seller treatment, uses the device to dehydrate all the lice and eggs. then our professionally trained technicians will comb-out any dead debris and finally apply a rinse. Our full treatment comes with a 30-day policy* and takes just about an hour!


LCA OC mata a los SuperPiojos

En un estudio reciente se descubrió que los piojos han mutado y se han convertido en lo que llamamos SuperPiojos, siendo resistentes a la mayoría de los pesticidas que se encuentran en los productos que podemos comprar en la farmacia.

Univision nos entrevistó para saber que se puede hacer con los SuperPiojos y les explicamos que solo el aire caliente consigue matarlos y que en LCA OC ofrecemos la solución.

LCA OC mata a los SuperPiojos

A teacher’s perspective on head lice

At LCA Orange County we want to work with schools and teachers to help them avoid cross infestations in the classrooms. We help nurses perform head screenings to catch infestations right at the begging! If you are part of a school or a school nurse, contact us for more information: