What are some healthy snack for kids?

What are some healthy snack for kids?

Today there are so many products and snacks out there for kids that are filled with sugar and fats that may taste good but they  may be harmful to your child’s health. All of these quick to go packaged snacks with high fructose corn syrup and MSG aren’t good for your growing and young child. Making lunches and snacks for you kids everyday can be hard and time consuming which is why we suggest packing all of the snack in baggies on Sunday so they can be ready for the rest of the week.

Fruits and veggies

Grab some carrots and strawberries maybe some blueberries and apple slices and put them in a Ziploc bag and use those for healthy snacks. Try using peanut butter in your celery sticks, add some raisins on top and you have a fun and nutritious snack for anytime.

Healthy Ice Cream

We know that some kids can be picky eaters and want to have ice cream or a popsicle for dessert let me give you a few options to help make your dessert less about sugar and more about taste. Some of these “all fruit” popsicles can actually contain artificial flavors and high trans-fat. Try making smoothies for your children instead, this way you can insure that your children are actually consuming something this is all fruit. They can eat the smoothies as is or you can freeze them and make them into popsicles, along with freezing the smoothies frozen grapes or strawberries can be a delicious treat for kids as well. If you have an ice cube tray try putting some yogurt in the tray along with some fresh fruit such as blueberries or raspberries.


Ideas to go Banana’s!

Bananas are a great source of nutrition and taste great too, here are some great tips to spice up your regular bananas. Pan fried bananas with some cinnamon sugar or dipping them in chocolate are great dessert ideas that will taste great and have your kids asking for more.


LCA OC is here not just to help with the Lice problem that so many families have dealt with, but our goal is to have happy and healthy kids. Join us in our venture!