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LCA OC is committed to providing quick, non-toxic lice removal treatment to clients in Anaheim, California. Our  treatment will remove lice, and is clinically tested and proven to kill all stages of head lice by utilizing controlled heated air. This method is safe, fast and highly effective against all head lice infestations, including the most stubborn of lice.

Are you an Anaheim area resident suffering from pediculus humanus capitis (Head Lice)? Perhaps your child has an infestation and you are in search of a one treatment lice solution that will provide results immediately.  At LCA Orange County, we believe in a natural, safe approach proven to be far more effective than traditional prescription and OTC (over the counter) products.  Our system is the most effective treatment for head lice removal.  Why spend hours of your time using those messy, ineffective products containing pesticides?

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While we provide several non chemical head lice solutions, the heated air treatment is the most recommended and effectively kills those pesky buggers using directed air that dries them out.  We perform the service in our salon in about an hour’s time, although we also provide a kick off treatment for clients who prefer to complete the process at home.  We also offer a do-it-yourself solution for those with budget concerns, although more effort and time is necessary with this option.  Regardless of which solution you choose, all are based on non-toxic lice removal using products that are free of pesticides or other potentially dangerous ingredients.

No one is immune from this frustrating and uncomfortable condition, whether children, teens, or adults.  Because of the ease in which they spread, anyone can become a victim.  Kids are more prone simply because of the crowded environments they’re placed in at school, camps, etc.  When you want to treat head lice, you can count on LCA Orange County to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently so you can get back to a normal daily life.  We invite anyone in Anaheim in search of safe head lice treatment to contact us today at (619) 771-9988.

Having Problems with Head Lice in Anaheim?  Why Those Pesky Bugs Won’t Go Away

You’ve heard the words that strike fear in your heart – your child has head lice.  If you’re a parent in Anaheim who’s been through this before, you may have tried different things without any luck.  Why won’t those bugs and their nits go away?  There are a few reasons according to the CDC.

First of all, over-the-counter products used for decades to get rid of lice contain pyrethoids, a class of insecticide.  Once highly effective, about 80% of lice have become resistant to this insecticide which makes it ineffective.  While they’re still frequently recommended by doctors, these products simply don’t work like they once did.

Parents will try anything when it comes to head lice, including DIY or home remedies found on the Internet.  Can olive oil or mayonnaise really do the trick?  There’s no evidence to support these sometimes wacky and even potentially dangerous “remedies” work according to the CDC.

The fact is kids are going to get lice, maybe today more so than ever considering they share everything from headphones to hugs, brushes, combs, scarves, hats – you name it.  Squeezing together so everyone can get into those “selfies” doesn’t help either, considering heads usually touch.

Despite all of the bad news, you can get rid of lice quickly and easily in a way that doesn’t involve the mess and hassle of those OTC (over the counter) products that aren’t so effective anymore!  Those in Anaheim and surrounding areas are invited to contact LCA OC in Orange County to learn more about our non-toxic solutions.

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