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LCA OC is committed to providing quick, non-toxic lice removal treatment to clients in Tustin, California. Our treatment will remove lice effectively, and is clinically tested and proven to kill all stages of head lice by utilizing controlled heated air. This method is safe, fast and highly effective against all head lice infestations, including the most stubborn of lice.

At LCA Orange County we provide exceptional solutions for those suffering from pediculus humanus capitis (Head Lice).  If you are in the Tustin area, you will enjoy knowing there is a one treatment lice solution that kills those pesky bugs in a single sitting!  The system is designed to dehydrate or dry out head lice and their eggs through the use of directed, heated air.  We also have other solutions for those who are concerned about budget or prefer to do all or part of the process themselves.

Children aren’t the only ones who may contract this frustrating and often uncomfortable condition.  Teens and adults are susceptible as well.  How does an infestation begin?  Simple, really, as all it takes is using an infected person’s brush or comb, or even touching heads while taking “selfies” for posting on social media platforms.  When you want to safely remove head lice, we have several options that are natural and do not involve the use of pesticides or other harsh ingredients frequently found in OTC (over the counter) and prescription treatments.  Whether you prefer our “one and done” treatment, have our technicians perform the air treatment with you completing it up at home, or want to do the entire treatment yourself, our non chemical head lice removal options are all safe and gentle to the hair.

No one is immune from an infestation; when it happens to you or your child, you want it gone – fast!  Our safe head lice treatment is proven effective and pain-free, so you or your child can enjoy peace of mind in our head lice clinic providing comfortable, relaxing surroundings.  For those in need of solutions in the Tustin area, we invite you to schedule an appointment with LCA Orange County today by calling (619) 771-9988.

The ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ of Head Lice for Those in Tustin

At LCA OC in Orange County we know it can be stressful and even surprising to learn that your child has head lice.  What to do, and what NOT to do?  We cater to clients in Tustin who are looking for safe head lice treatment that works, without the use of harsh chemicals.  If you discover your child has this frustrating conditions, there are a few ‘do’s and don’ts’ you should be aware of.

First, DO check all of the members of your family using a quality nit comb to make sure no one else has lice.  Checking twice is even better.

DO consider the system which uses heated air directed to the hair and scalp to eradicate those pesky bugs and their nits quickly and effectively.

DO let family members, friends, classmates or anyone who has been in close proximity of the infested child know of the situation, as they can have a head check performed and thereby reduce the risks of spreading an infestation to others.

DO treat your entire home.  Washing bedding in hot water, making sure other family members aren’t infested, placing clothing/towels or other items that may be infested in plastic bags – taking these precautions can cut down on the likelihood of a serious infestation of your entire household.

DON’T rely on traditional over-the-counter products that contain pesticides.  While once effective, most aren’t today given that lice have become resistant to active ingredients.

DON’T wait when it comes to treatment.  Not only are you putting your family and others at risk, a severe infestation can take several days to manifest and make treatment more difficult.

DON’T get stressed out or panicked!  This only relays stress and anxiety to your child, and lice are extremely common.  Stay calm, contact our lice clinic in Tustin, and rest assured the condition can be eliminated and under control in no time at all.

DON’T send your child to school when you suspect head lice.  Some schools today send children home immediately when lice are found, and do not allow students to return before completing treatment that gets rid of those pesky treatment.  This is a positive thing considering it helps reduce the risk of spreading to other children.

Although it’s stressful, learning your child has head lice isn’t a life or death situation!  Keep calm, and seek the natural head lice solutions we provide to those in Tustin and surrounding areas.

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