Debunking some myths about Lice

Debunking some of the myths about head lice is something our operators do on a daily basis. We have compiled some of the most common myths to help you understand better head lice and how they really work.

Myth 1. “Lice jump from head to head” – contrary to common belief lice crawl really fast but they don’t jump or fly. If you avoid head to head contact you have less chances to get lice.

Myth 2. “If a kid has lice it’s because she/he is dirty” – actually lice prefer clean heads and healthy blood, it’s a social misconception that dirty attracts lice.

Myth 3. “Over the Counter products kill lice and nits” – although some over the counter products will kill louse they will be ineffective with nits. The only remedy is combing them out or killing them with heat.

Myth 4. “Because I’m caucasian I won’t get lice” – lice don’t discriminate by race, sex or economical status.

Myth 5. “Vinegar will kill nits” – vinegar may help remove the nits easier (scientifically this has not been studied) but it will not kill the nits.

If you have any questions about lice, we are here to help. At LCA OC, our trained professionals will offer you education on myths and facts about lice.

We can treat lice infestations effectively with our heated air treatment with our device, FDA-cleared or you can do it yourself with the help of our non toxic products, a lice comb and a lot of patience. After the application of the products, you need to comb the hair through in order to take not only the lice but also all the eggs (nits) and repeat the combing again for ten days until your child is lice and nits free. In case you miss one egg, the infestation can restart again.

Or you can call our trained professionals to help you out. At LCA OC, we are here to help.


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