How do we educate communities in head lice matters?

How do we educate communities in head lice information and lice removal services’?

At LCA Orange County we are committed to help our community understand head lice. We want to show you the works of it and how to treat lice infestations once and for all. The lice technicians at our offices in Laguna Hills and Tustin are trained to educate communities in head lice information and lice removal services. We want to help you know more about it. Let’s debunk some of the myths and misconceptions.

What do we think is important to provide to educate communities in head lice?
– When we perform our services we show you our results. On head screening we show you how nits look like. On our treatment we show you nymphs (baby lice) and adults so that you are able to spot future infestations right away.

– We give you the tools to prevent head lice through: recommendations, follow up instructions to take home, blogs on our website with preventative tips and even workshops at schools.

– All our operators are certified on the use of the and they also receive training on lice cycle, information and facts and to be able to answer all your questions about lice.

– We belong to the LCA OC network. We continuously find and contribute with different head lice research studies and we share that information with you

– LCA OC is the world’s leader in Lice clinics. We always have an expert to ask any questions we may have about lice.

All our technicians in Laguna Hills and Tustin want you to know you can count on us in any lice related matter. We know lice happens to all of us and how we deal with it makes a difference in our lives. We don’t want to be the problem, we want to be part of the solution. Our job is to give you peace of mind. You deserve and help you make this process fast, painless and safe for your children.

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