#GRATEFUL for no lice

This November, the month of gratefulness, we want to take a look at the things we are grateful for. Most of our customers are #GRATEFUL for no lice. Not having lice is one of the checked boxes that we are most happy with. But there are other things we should be grateful for.



#GRATEFUL for all the school nurses that work tirelessly to care for our children. They spend time making sure we are aware of lice outbreaks and checking our children.

#GRATEFUL for being able to spend time together with our friends and family.

#GRATEFUL for having professionals that dedicate their time in finding the cure for our diseases and even for head lice!

#GRATEFUL for all our mothers that continuously care for us and their grand-kids.

#GRATEFUL to be working at a company that helps people daily.

#GRATEFUL for having a unique and safe solution to the head lice problem.


Lice Clinics of America is #GRATEFUL for the opportunity of helping others. Our team loves treating your children in a fast and easy way. We want to be part of the solution for head lice. We want to help you understand head lice so you can, in turn, help others. Our team of professionally trained technicians perform our treatments in one hour. They use our medical device, the AirAlle, that kills lice and nits in just one sitting. We have a re-treatment policy* for 30-days if we screen all the family members. We are #GRATEFUL to provide a unique service for such a common problem. Head Lice is part of our daily lives but gratefully we can help. Lice Clinics of America is committed to provide the best service so you can be Grateful to bring your child to a professional.

Share what you are grateful for during this Thanksgiving month. Spread the word!