How is head lice spread?

How is head lice spread?

Head lice is just as common as a the flu or a cold however here are some helpful tips as to how to help prevent the spread of lice. There are some misconceptions of how lice is spread.

Lice can jump from person to person, luckily for us this is not true. Direct head to head contact is the easiest and most common way to contract lice. Simple things like sharing the same bed or sleepovers, also cuddling will allow the lice to be transmitted from one person to another.


Sharing clothing while less common is still a plausible way for you to contract head lice, clothing such as hats, headbands and ear muffs are the most dangerous since they had direct contact with the people’s head. Also items such as shirts, jackets or coats can also carry lice because as they are in contact with one’s hair. Our purpose is not to discourage your child to learn on sharing but just to be aware when this pesky buggers are around.

All grooming items such as hair brushes, combs, bobby pins are also possible means of transmission especially if there is remaining hair on any of those items. It’s important not to share these items with your friends or family in order to be sure you don’t catch lice.

Lastly, laying on certain furniture or floors that are carpeted can increase your chances of getting lice as well. If you know a person with lice has used a couch or upholstered chair be sure to vacuums it prior to sitting on it. We hope these tips are helpful and allow you to stay safe and take the necessary precautions when you become aware that someone you have been close to has lice. If you ever do end up getting lice,  don’t panic we are here to help. Give us a call and we can schedule you to come in and get treated same day .