Head Lice and Stress – Orange County

Head Lice and stress – Orange County is a blog intended to give parents a little breather when it comes to head lice and head lice removal.

Head Lice and Stress – Orange County

We know that head lice can cause anxiety, worriness and preoccupation. The fact is that head lice will often times through you out of control in your life. Why is that?

Fear of the unknown

We tend to fear what is not known by us. What is Lice? How can I kill them? How do I know this is lice for sure? Should I run to the pharmacy? All these questions come up in less than a minute when we first find out about head lice. Head Lice are small parasites that live in our heads and feed from our blood. Contrary to popular belief they don’t jump or fly, they crawl from head to head. Head Lice are a nuisance but safe for your health as they don’t transmit any diseases. You can find more information about head lice and its myths in the following link.

Lack of Resources

When we don’t know who to call for help our lives always become a little more challenging. We want to give you all the option you have as far as head lice removal treatments:

  1. Products. You can use products and kill lice yourself at home. It is more time consuming. You will apply the products, comb-out every other day for 10 days then re-apply the products. Continue to screen the hair regularly to make sure it’s all gone. As far as products we recommend only products without pesticides or toxins.
  2. Professional Head Lice Removal Treatments. Your lice problem will most likely be solved the same day when you visit a Head Lice Removal Professional Clinic. After any professional treatment you will clean the house and follow preventative tips. At Lice Clinics of America Orange County we offer a one time safe and fast treatment. The medical device we use is FDA-cleared and kills nits (lice eggs) and lice in less than one hour!

Take a breath and remember what you know to face the problem. Sometimes by just taking a step back, we are already moving forward.