Lice Life Cycle – How long have I had head lice?

Our customers always wonder when their infestation started or want to know whether they caught in on time or not. It’s very hard to be totally precise with the answers, the lice’s life cycle can get us close to that answer.

Life Cycle of Lice:

1. First, a female louse crawls to the hair and lays an nit (egg).
2.  8-10 days later, the egg will hatch and a new louse – nymph – will emerge. it is important to know that nymphs cannot reproduce and take three molts to reach the adult stage.
3. Once a nymph has reached the third molt 9-10 days) it becomes an adult and can reproduce.

From here, lice cycle circles back up and starts over although other factors may affect this cycle:

#1: Female lice can lay up to 10 eggs per day! A female louse only needs to mate once and can continue to lay viable nits for the duration of her life.

#2: the total life of a louse in a head is 30-days.

Do you suspect you have lice? Take care of it professionally. Over the counter products won’t kill the nits and possibly not all the alive bugs. Removing nits manually is a time-consuming and high risk way of getting rid of lice.

At LCA OC we offer highly professional head lice removal treatments. We use the medical device that dehydrates nits and lice in just one hour. Treat the lice infestation quickly and safely.
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