Myths & Facts about lice

Throughout our experience helping kids and adults treating head lice infestation, we have encountered many myths and misconceptions that have led to misunderstanding and confusion about lice:
Myth #1 –  “I may get a disease with head lice” Even though Head Lice are a nuisance they are safe in the sense that they do not transmit diseases.
Myth #2. Over the counter treatments will kill lice & nits. Most OTC products
 will not kill the nits; the best way to kill nits is by dehydration. In fact, recent studies have proven that they can also not be effective in killing all lice!
Myth #3 –  ” I can get infested by lice jumping from another head to mine”  Head Lice don’t jump or fly. Instead, they crawl
Myth #4 – everything needs to be bagged for two weeks after a lice infestations. Head lice can only survive off a human body for 48h after that they die.
Myth #5 – Lice like dirty hair. In fact, lice don’t discriminate by cleanliness of hair,  socio-economic status or race, we all can get it!
If you want to find out more about lice, visit our Questions & Answers page or check out this site:
At Lice Clinics of America we can offer you the answers you need and we can propose you different ways to treat the head lice infestation, either our signature treatment with the FDA-cleared device, AirAlle or selling you the right product for DIY at home. In the latter, you should comb out through the hair several times until no more nits (lice eggs) remain in the hair.