family fun activities in Orange County

Orange County Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

There is so much to choose from when it comes to outdoor activities; hiking, surfing, kayaking, cycling, or boating, and one place in California has it all – Orange County. With an ideal temperate climate all year round and the best of both land and sea, Orange County offers an array of outdoor activities that are great for adventurous souls and families looking for a weekend of fun.

Orange County is especially great for family fun activities. The weather is always great and sunny, and the multiple outdoor places you can explore with kids are educational, safe, and exciting. While visiting the Disney Land resort is enough for a dream come true vacation for kids and parents, there are plenty of other activities OC offers that will make for a memorable trip.


There are plenty of amazing locations in Orange County, perfect for hiking and biking for both adults and kids. The Limestone Canyon in Orange County’s Irvine is a splendid location that offers miles of tracks for exploration. These trails offer excellent exercise opportunities and a sight for sore eyes.

Additionally, Irvine offers hiking and camping trips during full moons, which makes for excellent views that only a few have witnessed.


Some of the most beautiful and fun beaches in California are based in Orange County that aren’t too crowded either. Most beaches also offer surfing classes for all ages, which is a great idea if you have kids to introduce them to a new outdoor activity.

Even if you don’t surf on the beach, just walking along the coastline feels great, with kids collecting seashells or building sandcastles. Most beaches also offer kayaking and boating opportunities that will make the seaside adventure even more fun.

Beaches are a great place to have a bonfire and a story night with your family.

You can also explore tide pools when you go out on the beach. Tide pools are great for kids to enjoy the seawater, and if you are lucky, you can spot some amazing sea creatures, seashells, and fish near the rocks that make for a fascinating learning opportunity for kids. However, before visiting any tide pools, make sure the tides are low; otherwise, you won’t really be able to discover anything interesting.

Whale Watching

Orange County offers whale watching tours every day, all year round! This would be something your kids would never forget. Imagine witnessing some of the most magnificent sea creatures coming out of the ocean, splashing water all over the cruise. On your whale-watching trips, you can spot dolphins, gray whales, and a few humpback whales.

Butterfly Pavillion

Who doesn’t love butterflies? The National History Museum in LA is a safe haven for over 30 unique species of butterflies that you can see along with your kids and learn all about them.

Wrap Up

Orange County offers every kind of outdoor activity. Even a simple walk outside in the city is enough to make you fall in love with California’s rich culture and heritage.

And as you can tell, one trip is never enough to explore all the fantastic adventure Orange County has to offer. Whatever you choose to do, the unlimited list of fun outdoor activities will definitely make for a memorable and fun trip for you and the entire family.

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