Talking to your children about Lice

Your first reaction as a parent when you discover head lice on your child’s head is not always the desired one. Lice can be disgusting and sometimes difficult to deal with. The way you talk to your children about head lice will make a difference on how they personally deal with it and how well they take the treatments.

Below you will find some tips on best practice when talking to your kid about head lice:

* Normalizing – having lice is common and is not related to race, sex or social and economic background. Society has stigmatized children with head lice long enough, it’s time to assume that lice exists and they can be treated easily.

* Education – explaining head lice symptoms to your kid will help the communicate it to you in a quick manner so you don’t have to wait weeks to realize your child has been scratching his/her head more often than usually.

* Prevention – help them prevent lice by giving them tips on cross infestation prevention: braiding the hair, not sharing hats and jackets, etc will be key to help them prevent lice.

At Lice Clinics of America San Diego, we help you to treat lice infestations quickly! So you can relax and go back to spending time with your kids without worrying about little creatures. We treat head lice professionally with our FDA cleared medical device that dehydrates lice & nits through heated air.