What is really on the traditional head lice products?

Whether you are at the drugstore or you receive a prescription from your doctor, we are lately seeing a lot of moms that are asking about the ingredients of those formulated solutions for head lice and how effective and safe are they. Although we don’t have all the answers we want to offer a non toxic solution after reviewing a little bit of information that may help shed some light as to what are we putting into our children’s heads.

Information about traditional Head Lice Products:

#Most Over the counter and prescription products contain pyrethrum (like RID). Permethrin (like Nix) or a compound that is called Ovide.
#Those pyrethroids and synthetic compounds that are used in insecticides are effective in low doses. They are cheap but not too safe for humans and the environment.
#In addition, studies show that head lice have evolved in time and mutated to be resilient to those compounds.
#A paper published studying the mutation and efficacy of traditional head lice methods states:

over the counter not effective lice removal(read the full article)
#California is one of the states that has a mutant strand of head lice (popularly called Super Lice), that is resistant to some over the counter products.

What can we do as moms to protect our children and get effective treatments for head lice?

We believe that educating yourself in the subject and knowing what we are buying is the first step to success.  Resorting to natural products to shift from chemicals and toxins that may harm your children is the second step. Finally beware that professional services at are your hand to help you with the lice struggle!
Lice Clinics of America offers Lice Removal Services through a heated air process using a medical device that is FDA cleared and will kill lice and 99%+ of the nits. All our products are non-toxic and free of pesticides! One treatment and your child will be lice free! No follow ups, safe and effective.