Treating lice infestation after Thanksgiving

After enjoying ourselves with our family and friends for Thanksgiving we may find out our children have lice. Treating lice infestation after Thanksgiving  is easy by following a few simple tips.

How to treat lice infestation after Thanksgiving?

Every year after the holidays we see an increment on treatments and screenings in Orange County. Lice is a community problem that involves a lot of discomfort and social stigma. The key is to try to treat lice infestation before it becomes a bigger issue.

First of all, talking openly about head lice can help spot infestations right away and be more aware of our surroundings. Telling our family members and friends may be embarrassing at first but in reality we are helping them to solve the problem early. We got a client that send out a text message to all the Thanksgiving invitees: “We brought an uninvited guest to our dinner party yesterday, I am sorry to inform our daughter has lice”.

Secondly, knowing what lice looks like and how to perform a screening helps keeping things under control. Part your children’s hair with a wood pick or a fine comb so you’re able to see the scalp. Lice eggs (nits), are usually closer to the scalp and will be more visible when we have a clean partition of the hair. If you have a lice comb at home, use it to comb out the dry hair.  Inspection the comb for head lice and nits. You can also comb the dry hair with a fine tooth comb on top of a white surface to see if any debris falls from the hair.

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Finally, knowing your options as far as treatment will make you react quickly to the situation. Over the counter products will mostly kill the adult lice but not the eggs. Remember you have to comb the hair out regularly with a lice comb and remove all eggs and repeat the process numerous times. Find a good professional lice removal clinic around you to help you solve the problem quickly.

Remember that lice are mostly spread by head to head contact.



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