How do we clean our head lice treatment clinic?

How do we clean our lice treatment clinic is one of the most asked questions we hear daily. The answer is quite simple: we are very detail oriented and we strive to have the facilities always as clean as possible. But how do we really do it?


All our furniture is non-fabric. This means that head-lice have a harder time adhering to the surface or rather cannot adhere at all. In addition, our furniture has a bright color or white to be able to spot dirt and lice right away and clean them.


LCA OC – Head Lice Treatment Clinic


We clean our stations twice, once before the client comes in and once when the client leaves just to make sure we are being thorough. Our certified technicians follow a protocol to clean their white coat after every head lice treatment and they use gloves for everyone’s protection.


All our operators disinfect all the instruments (lice combs, clips, detangler combs, etc.) with barbicide. Then we clean them with a brush, soap and hot water. We repeat this process twice just for an extra layer of protections. We clean our capes with antibacterial wipes and wash them in hot water.

In addition to all that, we vacuum the floors and wipe them after each treatment to ensure the cleanest environment.

LCA OC is committed to clean environments , both at our clinic and at you home. After all our head lice treatments we give you follow up instructions on how to clean your house and you child’s environment. Cleaning any fabrics such as clothing and linens on the washer and the dryer in high heat. You will boil the combs, brushes, hair ties, clips and hair accessories. In addition, we recommend that you vacuum the floors, any fabric couches and wipe down your furniture. Don’t forget the car and car seats!


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