What to do after we visit a lice treatment facility? Cleaning & Prevention

After trying several over the counter treatment and finally deciding it was time for a professional to take care of it I found myself at home feeling I already won the battle. But, what’s next?


Ideally we want to clean and take care of everything that same day but in reality, we work, have social commitments and sometimes it’s hard to juggle everything. Knowledge is power. Lice can only survive of a human host for 48hrs, which means that we can leave pillows, rugs, clothing and even linens in a bag, air tight,  for 2 days and clean them whenever we have time. What’s important in stripping the beds and making sure all the clothing worn for the past 48hrs is taken out of reach, vacuuming the floors and couches and boiling our brushes, hair clips and hair accessories.


The lice treatment facility usually has products that you can use that will help prevent lice by repelling them. LCA OC has a shampoo and a preventative spray that definitely help you boost your chances of not getting lice again!. In addition, putting your hair or your children’s hair up to avoid cross-infestations is always a great idea. I know that children are not always too keen on having their hair up. As parents we have to make it fun: learn how to braid hair in different styles, make two buns or two braids, pony tale with fishtail braid, etc. Giving information to your kids about how to prevent lice is key. I always tell my kids to avoid sharing hats and helmets, jackets, etc. Also, have them be mindful of head to head contact when someone has lice.

This triggers the tooltip

And if it happens again….

If our fears come true and it happens again, it’s important to know where to go to take care of it. The reality is that once we know how to do things it becomes much easier and less scary. LCA OC is a lice treatment facility that will take care of you right away! We provide a non toxic and safe treatment. We use the device that is FDA-cleared and kills lice and nits (lice eggs) through dehydration. Just one hour treatment and with a policy* for 30-days.

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