Don’t let that extra Halloween candy go to waste

Don’t let that extra Halloween candy go to waste

Now that Halloween has passed you are probably finding that you have bags and bags full of candy left over which is too much for any one child to eat. We are here to give you some new ideas and help you turn that left over candy into a fun and exciting treat. There are so many options from chocolate to skittles and everything in between!! I’m sure this Halloween season you found there were some new candies out there that you didn’t even know existed.

How to turn a boring candy bar into something the whole family can enjoy

First we will start with the Reese’s which come in all kinds; there are the regular cups or the minis, all of which can be used to make delicious brownies. Throw in some Reese’s to your regular brownie mix and watch your kids eyes light up as they bite into this new creation.

What about all of the mini chocolate bars?

There are so many options and what we have found is you can melt down all of those yummy bars and make a fondue out of it. You will have a creamy and chocolaty treat that you can dip fruit or even other candy in.

Did you say Ice Cream?

Put some of the more fruity candy like skittles or jolly rancher in your ice cream or frozen yogurt and find that kids are even more excited for dessert. There are so many options to make your Halloween candy go from a burden to a new adventure and fun for everyone.