How can you get your child to do chores?

How can you get your child to do chores?

Cleaning around the house can be so hard,especially when you finally clean the whole house which takes hours, and your kids mess it up in 5 minutes. They have their chores to do daily but sometimes you ask them if those have been completed you get a frown or an excuse. Sometimes after a long day at work we don’t have the energy to argue about them doing their chores or homework.

How to make cleaning fun

Kids are natural helpers they want to do whatever you are doing or help you with your work. Switch the message from chores being a bother to chores being a good thing that will help you and the family make life easier. Make sure you give them chores that are age appropriate. Having a 3 year old putting away all of their laundry would be overwhelming. However helping put some cups in the kitchen or assisting you push the vacuum here or there are great ways to have your child help you. Children like to be of help so any small task you give them is probably going to be received as a great accomplishment. Make sure to give them validation afterwards so their love to do chores will grow on them.

Offer an invitation rather than a command

Use “we” or “us” rather than “you” when talking about doing the chores. You don’t need to offer praise with everything good your child does but once and a while tell them how they are such a great helper or how they are really making a difference at home. They might not want to help every chance they get but put on some music and make cleaning an activity rather then a chore and you will find they will be more willing to lend a hand.