Easter Arts And Crafts

Easter Arts And Crafts

Easter Arts and Crafts is the perfect way to spend your day with the little ones this Easter. Home Depot or any of your nearby paint stores have a variety of paint chips for this particular craft. Grab as many as you like and enjoy a very fun way to decorate the house for Easter! This DIY (Do It Yourself) Paint Chip Garland is the perfect touch to create a very festive ambiance while creating memories as well. The white line in the middle of the paint chip almost mimics the look of a plastic egg!

1.) You can use the link below to print and cut out an egg template. Home Depot’s Behr paint chips have four colors per card, so you would cut them in half eliminating all white except for the line between the two color shades.

2.) Next trace the egg on the back of the card so there aren’t any residual pencil marks on the front, and then cut them out.

3.) Lastly, punch two small holes in the top of each egg with an extra small hole punch and very carefully thread them onto a piece of waxed cotton.

                          DIY Watercolor Wooden Eggs For Easter Basket

This is a very fun treat for your little ones and a way for them to be very creative. All you need are wooden Grimm style blocks in an egg like shape from your local arts and crafts store, watercolor and a paint brush.  Although liquid watercolors are very vibrant and bright, they are completely washable. They are also the most kid-friendly dyeing method and if you get a stain on your hands, it will wash off within 2-3 washes.

1.) Squirt some liquid watercolor into a container and provide a few eggs for your little one and enjoy watching them paint away!

2.) Once the eggs are fully painted, carefully set them on a paper towel to dry overnight.

3.) By the next day, you can set them out for an Easter egg hunt; put them in an Easter basket, or in an empty egg carton for them to enjoy playing with!

                               Let’s Enjoy Easter without Lice

With many visitors, fun activities in the community and heads touching during Easter egg hunts, we want to take lots of precautions to lice.  You can avoid this by keeping your children’s hair up in a bun or a braid, combined with our amazingly effective Preventative Spray. Visit our clinic to find out more about Lice Clinic of Americas very own, Lice Prevention Line of products.

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