How to eradicate Bullying at School due to Head Lice?

How to eradicate Bullying at school due to head lice is a question that our school nurses often ask us. We all want our students to enjoy school and make sure that school is a fun and most importantly a safe learning environment. Unfortunately, something that is coming through schools across the nation is BULLYING! No one wants their child to be bullied at school and more commonly than people realize is that children are being bullied for having head lice.

Children are being singled out and picked on because they constantly are scratching their head or have little bugs crawl onto their jackets. So many children feel embarrassed and ashamed from getting lice but did you know… there are almost 3 million cases a year?. It is so common! Children and their parents have no reason to feel ashamed if lice enter your home. As much as everyone hopes it never happens to them, the reality is that it will most likely impact someone in your household. If this does happen and if lice do make an appearance in your child’s head have the facts in mind and act calmly.

Over the counter treatments often contain toxic and harmful ingredients that hurt your child’s head and health. In order to remove all the nits efficiently and remove the infestation, know that you will have to thoroughly comb out which sometimes can take many hours. Be aware that there are professional lice removal services that can help you kill head lice quickly and effectively. LCA OC offers a unique solution to parents that are looking to solve their Lice problem safely and quickly in just one treatment. LCA OC performs a treatment that is FDA approved, that dehydrates lice and nits using controlled heated air. An approach allows you to come in itchy and possibly embarrassed and leave with clean hair allowing your child to return to school that same day.  Bullying is a problem that no one wants their child to deal with and if lice is the cause then we have the solution.

LCA OC works closely with school nurses to educate our community on head lice and little by little break the stigma that comes with it and that, in turn, is misused to bully children. In our effort to stop the bullying and break the stigma we offer complimentary workshops to parents and children on head lice. Learn more 949.521.8414.

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