School Will Be Starting Again Soon in Orange County – Will Your Child be a Head Lice Statistic?

It won’t be long until children are back in school in the Orange County school districts, which means head lice will be having a party and risk of exposure increases. These pesky bugs love nothing better than a crowd of children!  The numbers may be surprising, however each year in the U.S. kids miss 24,000,000 days of school because of this common but frustrating infestation.  Yes, that’s 24 million!  If you’re alarmed, you should be – no parent wants his or her child to become one of those statistics.

Prevention is key to avoiding these aggravating critters, which spread through sharing of combs, brushes, or other hair tools or accessories.  Even touching heads can mean trouble.  To ensure your child doesn’t become one of the many who are sent home from school, educate him or her regarding the sharing of anything that touches the head and about head to head contact.  It’s also a good idea to have a head screening performed by a trained technician if your child has been in contact with a buddy who has head lice.

The good news is that the products used today to eradicate or prevent those nasty pests are natural, not the dangerous OTC products we remember from years’ past.  Be sure your child is ready for the first day of school in the OC school districts not only in terms of school supplies, but a head that’s free from lice!  Contact LCA OC in Orange County at (619) 771-9988 today for answers to your questions and safe, non-chemical solutions.

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