Egg Hunt – Free Head Lice Treatments to help our community

Egg Hunt – Free Head Lice Treatments to help our community

On April 8th, 2017 LCA OC was offering Free Head Lice Treatments to help our community at our Tustin location. This is the second year that the company follows through on the Egg Hunt Campaign. The Egg Hunt Campaign was originally created to be able to provide to our community free treatment so that anyone could take advantage of the great benefits of using our medical device to kill head lice.

What treatments were offered?

LCA OC was offering Heat treatments, what we call Kick-Off Treatments, to kill head lice. The treatment consists of a two step process; first, we kill head lice and their eggs with our medical device that is FDA cleared. Lice and nits (lice eggs) are killed through dehydration in a treatment process that takes about 30-minutes. Second, we apply our topical rinse that will suffocate any adult lice and gives us an extra layer of protection. With this treatment we are able to kill 99.2% of eggs! The only thing left for families to do is to clean their house with our follow up cleaning tips and perform a comb-out with a lice comb to remove dead debris.

Services to Our Community

At LCA OC, we offer several services for our community. Once a year during Easter we offer free treatments for our community like we did on April 8th. At least 19 kids were treated on that day and we have many happy families that are now lice free!

All year long we offer free screenings at schools to help out our nurses determine who has lice and who doesn’t. We also offer free workshops to our community – parents, teachers and school nurses – on head lice matters so that we can all be informed and kill head lice faster and more efficiently.

In addition, we also offer lunch & leans to pediatricians to offer a non-toxic and easy way of killing head lice once and for all.

If you are in need of any of our community services, please give us a call at 949.521.8414


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