Sharing love and Head Lice?

Sharing love and Head Lice?

Sharing love and Head Lice. In the month of celebrating love we want to take a special look at head lice. Head lice spreads fairly quickly, especially through head to head contact. Hugging, kissing and getting our heads together may give us some more trouble than expected.

Head Lice

Head Lice are a nuisance that no one wants to have. But when lice knocks at your door, you have to be prepared. You can read our blogs to have more information on head lice and how their cycle works. You can also stop by at our clinics and get screened if you have been in contact with head lice.

Sharing Love

Sharing love is a vital part of our life and by no means we want to cut it short! However, being aware of how lice spread is something we would need to pay attention to. If you are close to someone with head lice, having your hair up at all times will help any spreading. How many ways can you find of hugging without touching your heads? Play this game with your children and get creative. Air hugs, side hugs, eskimo kisses, they are all allowed!

We love our community

Because we love our community in Orange County, we are committed to spreading the love and not Head Lice. Whether you need a lice treatment, a screening, a workshop for the parents of your school, a screening to the classroom or just lice info, we are here for you. Because we LOVE our community and our children and we KNOW head lice.