Spring Break and Head Lice Outbreak

Spring Break and Head Lice Outbreak

Are your kids already on Spring Break? Are you worried about Head Lice Outbreaks? Worry no more, we have the solution.

Head Lice Outbreak

We are ready for any head lice outbreak whether it’s a screening at a school, treating the family or giving instructions on how to avoid getting head lice. Here’s a little information on how to prepare yourself to any Head Lice Outbreak.

Lice Screenings and Prevention Tips

During Spring Break Time it is easy for us to forget about our regular screenings to our kids. Most the times they are exposed to a higher amount of children: family, friends, sleep overs, parties, theme parks, etc. This creates a higher exposure and risk to get head lice. It is important to understand that head lice don’t jump or fly but they crawl so the easiest way of getting them is by head-to-head contact. Being aware of that fact and wearing prevention products as well as having our kids hair up and braided or in a bun will help us minimize exposure.

Treating the Family

Oh no! you are in the middle of your kids Spring Break, you have all these activities planned out and you discover head lice! what to do? Knowing your options is important. Although it may seem easy to run to the drugstore and get any over the counter product, have in mind that OTC products only work killing the alive bugs but you will need to spend hours combing out the hair for nits (lice eggs) and you’ll most likely need to do multiple comb outs and reapplication of products. There are professional services out there that will help you kill head lice in one treatment so you can return to your activities in no time.

Screenings at Schools

At LCA OC we are committed to helping you and our community kill head lice effectively. As experts in Head Lice we will come out to the schools at no cost and help schools nurses and principles screen all schools to avoid Head Lice Outbreaks and keep them under control. Contact us at 949.521.8414 to schedule a time to come out and help out!

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